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Wedding Reception Information

Updated 9/24/2013

Jeff and Monique will have a small, private wedding ceremony but we would love for you to join in the celebration at our reception!

When is the big day?

The wedding date is set for October 12. We will be having a private wedding ceremony but we hope that everyone will join our celebration directly following the wedding at our reception at 1:00 p.m.

The reception will take place from 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 12, 2013.


How do I RSVP?

Click here to RSVP for the reception.


Where is the reception?

The reception will take place at

Barbara's Dance Studio
428 West Bedford Euless Road, Hurst, Texas



Here is a link to Yahoo Maps, so you can find directions.

For those who don't like using online map services, here are directions to Barbara's Dance Studio from north Dallas and from SABRE in Southlake:

From North Dallas

1. Get on N Stemmons Fwy (I-35E S).
2. Keep right onto N Walton Walker Blvd (TX-12-LOOP S) toward Irving/Dfw Airport. Go for 2.0 mi/.
3. Take the TX-183 W/Ft Worth exit onto E Airport Fwy (TX-183 W). Go for 13.9 mi/. WATCH YOUR SPEED - LOTS OF RADAR, ESPECIALLY IN CONSTRUCTION AREAS.
4. Take the Bedford Rd exit onto Airport Fwy. Go for 0.4 mi/.
5. Turn left onto Bedford Rd. Go for 1.1 mi/.
6. Continue on W Bedford Euless Rd. Go for 0.4 mi/.
7. Your destination at Barbara's Dance Studio is on the right.


1. Start at Sabre Dr. Go for 209 ft/.
2. Make a U-turn onto Sabre Dr. Go for 0.1 mi/.
3. Turn left onto Kirkwood Blvd (gate access required). Go for 0.4 mi/.
4. Turn left and take ramp onto TX-114 E. Go for 5.2 mi/.
5. Take the TX-121 S/TX-26/Colleyville/Ft Worth/William D Tate exit onto W TX-114 Hwy toward William D Tate. Go for 1.1 mi/.
6. Turn right onto William D Tate Ave. Go for 0.6 mi/.
7. Take left ramp onto TX-121 S toward Ft Worth. Go for 7.2 mi/.
8. Take the Bedford Rd exit onto Airport Fwy. Go for 0.4 mi/.
9. Turn left onto Bedford Rd. Go for 1.1 mi/.
10. Continue on W Bedford Euless Rd. Go for 0.4 mi/.
11. Your destination on W Bedford Euless Rd is on the right. The trip takes 16.7 mi/ and 22 mins.


The reception is at a dance studio????

If you know us you know that country dancing has been a big part of how we developed our relationship over the past year. Dancing is so important to us that we actually got engaged in the middle of a dance lesson! - Click here to read the proposal story.

That is why, if you're coming to our wedding/reception you need to wear your dancing shoes. We plan to do a lot of dancing at our reception, and we want to get YOU out on the floor with us to help celebrate the day.

We have reserved the 10,000 SF dance floor of a mid-cities studio. It's a terrific dance floor and sound system, perfect for showing off your two-step.


I don't know how to two-step!

Thought you were getting out of it, didn't you? Hah!

We have made arrangements to have one of the finest dance instructors in the Metroplex at the reception. Master dance instructor Jim Woeber will start our reception at 1:00 pm by teaching everyone how to do the two step. And we just found out that his outstanding dance partner Rosie will also be there, which will make the lesson even better!

Jim has been our primary instructor through our dance lessons and we appreciate him being willing to attend the reception and teach you as well.

It doesn't matter if you've got two left feet - the two step is extremely easy and fun, and after a few minutes with Jim and Rosie you'll be able to join the two of us on the dance floor for a great celebration.

If you're nice we may even throw a line dance or waltz in there as well.

No excuses left - we want everyone who comes to our reception, even those who have never country-danced before, to get up and give it a shot. We guarantee - if you try it, you'll have a blast!


Seriously? You're starting a wedding reception with a dance lesson?

Yup. We warned people that we were doing things differently. Honestly, if you know us well enough to be invited to our wedding reception you really should have expected something . . . unusual.



What is the attire for the reception?

Please don't dress up - casual is fine. Just wear comfortable shoes so you can dance.

(Are you getting the sense that we really hope everyone will take part in the dancing?)


Will food be provided?

We plan to have hors d'oeuvres during the reception. We need to be careful not to get spilled food and drinks on the dance floor. We're not sure if we will have a cash bar or not, but we do plan to have punch at least.

Plan to eat lunch before you arrive and have munchies at the reception.


Where are you registered?

We're not. Right now we are combining two households into one and we have more stuff than we know what to do with. As our dear friend Leah would say, "boocoodles of stuff."

Seriously . . . Want a toaster? A box of old dishes?

No gifts are necessary; your presence is present enough. If people really want to do something we'd recommend a gift certificate or a contribution to our honeymoon fund.

The best thing you could do for us is to come to our reception and take part in the dancing.


What are the wedding colors?

Jeff suggested plaid and courdoroy (for the visually impaired) but Monique went with royal blue and white.


After the wedding

After the party we will head to the American Airlines Center in Dallas. We can't think of a better way to celebrate our wedding day than to attend a concert by one of the finest vocalists of our generation. Sarah Brightman will be performing in north Texas on her Dreamchaser world tour and we have terrific front-section floor seats for this performance.

Sarah Brightman was the first "Christine" in both the London and Broadway productions of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera. The part of Christine was actually written for her. Sarah is a masterful artist who can sing opera, Broadway show tunes, new age and pop music with equal brilliance. Her voice is haunting, bewitching, passionate - one of the most romantic singers of our time.


Honeymoon plans

We plan to sneak away to San Antonio for a few days right after the wedding. This is really just a little getaway - our actual honeymoon will be in February when we plan to go to Costa Rica. Beaches, rain forests, maybe a volcano or two . . . it will be the first foray to South America for both of us. February is the best time to visit so we'll delay the real honeymoon until then.


Why Costa Rica?

A good friend owns a home in Costa Rica and he is graciously allowing us to stay in the guest house while we're there . . . here's a picture of the guest house and surrounding view!



So when will invitations go out?

They are out. Please RSVP so we can make our arrangements . . . Check back to this page regularly for updates!


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