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Welcome to Our Website!

Thank you for visiting MoniqueAndJeff.com! Given that we both are proud, committed geeks, we thought it was completely appropriate to create a personal website and we're glad you're here.

Monique and Jeff have friends and family all around the United States, around the world, even. Most of you know one or the other of us, but very few people actually know us both. We hope this website will help you to get to know us both. We plan to have biographies and photos and various stories on here to help us all get acquainted and have some fun while we're at it.

Our website will have a more important purpose as well - we got married on October 12 and this site will be our way to share photos and stories from the big day.

This site is under construction and probably always will be - that's just the nature of being web geeks. We do have a bunch of pictures online for you to enjoy, and you really need to read the story of the marriage proposal - you'll have a lot of fun with that. Jeff's biography and Monique's biography are also online - even if you already know us, you will be surprised by some of what you read here!

For now, check out the photos and stories you'll find linked in our menus and be sure to check back soon!

What's New?

Videos online!

We have started posting some video clips here - more coming soon, but click the photo below to enjoy the first two featuring Cupid Shuffle and Cotton Eyed Joe!


October 12, 2013!

The wedding date was October 12. We will be posting pictures and stories from the big day soon!


Monique's Complete Biography Now Posted

Monique has completed her biography and it is ready for your reading pleasure.

Meet Monique at her biography page.